Details For Aqua Paints ( Octagon Fibers & Chemicals Ltd.)

Aqua Paints ( Octagon Fibers & Chemicals Ltd.)
Mr. Ramzul Seraj
Mr. Mohammad Shah Paran
Head of Sales
+8802 - 9859998
+8802- 9883681
South Avenue Tower,(2nd Floor), House#50, Road-3, Gulshan Avenue Gulshan -1, Dhaka-1212.
Octagon Fibres & Chemicals Limited (OFCL), formed in 2001, is a leader in the chemicals and paints industry of Bangladesh. OFCL, a 100% Bangladeshi company, employs 115 people in it’s Head Office and in factory situated at Tongi, Gazipur. A variety of world-class chemicals, polymers and paints are produced by OFCL using the best raw materials sourced from around the world. Aqua Paints, the flagship company within OFCL, is in the forefront of the paints industry of Bangladesh with innovation, efficient distribution, and a dedicated sales and customer service team. We welcome you to browse our website to find out why Aqua Paints is your choice of paint.